Directions of Use

  1. Choose closed toe shoes that comfortably fit your feet allowing enough depth, width and length. If the shoes are your correct size, STRYDA SOLES will fit. We recommend comfortable sneakers, or everyday work shoes that you will wear most often.
  2. Remove any existing insoles inside your shoes - including removable sole linings.
  3. If the insoles are slightly too long for the length of your shoe, trim to size by carefully cutting around the end of the insole with a sharp pair of scissors. We recommend trimming a small amount first, and then any extra to ensure your orthotic is not cut down too small.
  4. Wear for 1 hour on your first day, 2 hours on the second day and 3 hours on the third day, gradually lengthening the amount of time you wear the insoles until you are wearing them full time. This will allow you to become accustomed to the changes in your feet and body without causing undue stress or strain on your muscles. 

How will your muscles respond in the first 2 weeks?

The immediate sensations you feel will initially be strange and different as the orthotic insole changes how you stand, walk, run and move. You may feel discomfort for the first few wears as your muscles begin to engage more actively, and your feet become accustomed to the insole. 

The trigger points will activate the ideal muscle group at the optimal time throughout your gait cycle, allowing your energy to transfer through your body as you move. The metatarsal trigger point may feel obvious and foreign at first as this is one of the most important areas in need of alignment and stimulation. 

Your muscles will become more efficient and strengthen in areas needed. Wearing a naturally shock absorbing material that is designed to engage your muscles will ultimately reduce unnecessary wear and tear in your soft tissues, joints and bones. 

There should be no pain when getting used to them so if you have any symptoms, remove them immediately and consult your medical professional.

We offer 30 day returns if you are not completely satisfied.