STRYDA is dedicated to changing the world for the better. Our relationship with the environment is crucially important. Our commitment is solely focused on sustainable products and projects that bring about positive change for healthier bodies and the Earth they move on. 

We saw the need to innovate solutions for our health and the natural world...and the key ingredient was right beneath our feet. Not only does it possess the widest range of benefits to the human body, it is a totally eco friendly and renewable material.

So what was the ultimate high tech material perfectly designed for human movement and planet Earth? 100% natural Cork.

Our relationship is directly connected and codependent. STRYDA believes all efforts must be made to minimise our carbon footprint for future generations. We envision solutions that are superior for the exact reasons that make them naturally sustainable.

Imagine if at any one time, the world's population of 7 billion people only wore biodegradable, recyclable and organic insoles. Replacing commercial synthetics including bonding agents, plastics and chemicals. We are dreaming big even if it's one step at a time. Join us.

STRYDA SOLES were born out of our passion to change the way we consume, starting with the foundations of humankind - our feet! We wanted to create products that change the way we view our health and the environment. Find natural solutions that are better for your body AND minimise our impact for future generations. 

Cork is the perfect solution - a completely sustainable material that is only possible through regenerative practices. Cork harvesting is a regenerative process where the tree is not harmed and the ecosystem including soil and organisms thrive. 

One of our main challenges was to create our product without the use of synthetics including plastics and glues for strength. 

Cork is the magical ingredient, so much so that we are certain it was designed for the human body by mother nature herself. All of its properties are mind blowingly ideal for skin, hygiene, shock absorption and comfort.

We aim to contribute to regeneration initiatives with a percentage of our proceeds, indefinitely.