FOR BODY - Awaken Natural Function, Move the Way You Are Designed To!

STRYDA SOLES will change your life the day you put them on your feet. You will connect with the earth in a way like never before. 

It is time the world adapted to more natural solutions...and here's the best part, natural solutions are the best for our bodies. Especially when we combine this approach with biomechanical science of human movement.

The most advanced insole design incoorporating a system of trigger points to guide, stabilise and enhance the natural function of your feet and body. 

We crave a stronger connection with nature, especially in the modern world. STRYDA SOLES pave the way for your best walk, run and movement. Our materials and sourcing ensures sustainable human and environment friendly outcomes. 

How do we did we achieve this? Our key ingredient and construction process uses 100% natural Portuguese Cork. Cork has the perfect balance between flexibility and shock absorbtion to allow the foot to do it's thing as nature intended. It is reinforced with a thin layer of cotton mesh to make it strong enough for months to years of use!

Awaken your natural function with a 100% natural solution. The modern world poses extremely problematic conditions for the organic tissues of your body. Most of the surfaces we move on are harsh, unnatural and continuously flat. Especially unideal when we consider how long we need to to maintain our best health and active lifestyles as we get older. 

Unflatten the ground and feel the difference as the metatarsal trigger points engage your foot to maximise forefoot splay!  Medial and lateral arch trigger points guide and activate your muscles at the ideal time in each phase of gait.

You will feel the greatly improved change in muscle leverage of all the intrinsic and extrinsic muscles in your feet and the rest of the body. STRYDA SOLES are perfectly contoured, flex to allow natural motion and form to your feet over time. Cork does wonders and mother nature made it perfect and that's how we kept it...unchanged!

STRYDA SOLES do change how you move, so it may feel strange when you first get use to them but this should quickly become second nature and you won't know how you ever went without them. They will train your feet every time you put them on, they are a tool for strengthening your feet even for times when you go barefoot.  

The material will naturally wear down as it is naturally organic. This is totally normal and even advantageous. They take the impact so that you don't have to. Namely, joints, soft tissue and bones! They will mould to you and may even chip - but they will continue to serve for a minimum of 6-12 months with many of our resident pairs at STRYDA HQ pushing the 3 year mark. Yes, we have rigorously tested our product before launch. 

The Win/Win scenario is perfected when nature itself is minimally impacted through the production and use of our products. STRYDA is dedicated to designing and creating products that are 100% sustainable, ethically sourced and naturally better for our bodies and the environment. 

To top it off, Cork has so many amazing properties for your body it almost seems too good to be true! Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-odour anti-perspirant, shock absorptive, flexible, vegan, hypoallergenic, lightweight and resilient. Asbolutely wild right?

Ultimately, you will walk, run and move differently. Improving balance, efficiency and absorb shock. The best answer to reducing the otherwise unavoidable stresses of moving over flat man made surfaces over your life time. Your splay and grip on the ground will be significantly enhanced. STRYDA SOLES bring a natural surface to your feet.  

NO plastic. No Glues. We use a natural bonding technique. Our proprietory design has been over a decade in the making. We have worked with feet as podiatrists since 1999, we are passionate about nothing more. 

The relationship we have with our feet and the planet is well overdue for change. Both are closely connected and totally dependant on eachother. Let's move with nature. This is our vision at STRYDA. 

Why does the world need a better answer than going barefoot? Simple answer is unnatural man made surfaces such as concrete, tiles, floorboards, etc. Betweem your bodyweight and the force of impact through movement, going barefoot would mean your body's organic tissues must absorb the impact. Your joints need to last your entire lifetimes. Take care of them!

Why do you deserve better solutions than orthotics and really cushioned shoes? The body is a perfectly designed machine. We need to let it do it's thing and only provide the ideal amount of support and guidance to cope with repetitive and unnatural stresses. Too much cushioning has been shown to actually increase stress on the joints. Orthotics that are too stiff and overpowering can restrict natural movement and cause more harm than good long term. 

We have much hope for the future of human health and our natural world. Our mission is to share our vision and commit to projects that improve the health of the world and all of it's inhabitants!