STRYDA SOLES - Life Changing Insoles, Better for Your Body & the Planet!

STRYDA SOLES the product the world needs. 

Nurture your every step with Nature. 

It’s the natural way to support, guide and enhance the way you move.

100% Sustainable, ethical and ideal for your body using pure cork from Portugal. 

Every purchase will contribute to planting more trees.

STRYDA SOLES are the perfect answer for your feet, legs, knees and back. These orthotics have also been designed and made for your health with the planet in mind. 

Designed by Australian Podiatrists for the modern world with decades of experience and product development. 

Once they go inside your shoes, you will never want to walk, move or exercise without them again!

The proprietary design of our 100% cork orthotic insoles will enhance your movement to improve efficiency, resolve any pain and naturally support and stimulate your biomechanical functions. 

Walk, run and move at our best!

STRYDA SOLES orthotics support and guide all three main arches of the foot unlike most other prefabricated devices. This optimises your movement quality throughout the gait cycle.

Medial, lateral and forefoot (transverse) arch pads and trigger points are all built into each insole to stimulate optimal foot function.

Ultimately, by wearing STRYDA Soles you will achieve improved contact, sensory feedback and muscle efficiency.

STRYDA Soles helps you achieve the ideal balance between supination, pronation and controlled forefoot splay. 

The orthotic design is reinforced to provide the perfect amount of support with totally natural materials - making the best of what nature has provided! 

You should notice your foot muscles change within the first few days of wearing them, this may feel a little strange to begin with but in time, your feet will be significantly more engaged and as a result, stronger. 

The strategic flexibility of the orthotic design and natural structural absorbance of cork gives STRYDA Soles an incredibly unique, comfortable and stimulating experience.  

Bring back natural function as if you are barefoot on natural surfaces. Contact with all the contours of your foot is maximised and will flex with you as your foot moves.

UNFLATTEN man made surfaces that are harsh and totally repetitious ie. concrete.

STRYDA Soles will not disappoint you - 30 day money back guarantee.