Your Body Will Change ...and You Will Love It!

What to expect and look forward to!

The immediate sensations you will feel will initially be strange and different. It immediately changes how you stand, walk, run and move.

Your muscles will engage more actively. The advantageous leverage of all muscles within and beyond the feet will be greatly enhanced.

The trigger points will activate the ideal muscle group at the optimal time throughout your gait cycle allowing your energy to transfer through your body as you move. 

Neural feedback, balance and dynamic guidance of the feet will be improved through the contoured fit and contact of the insoles. 

You will definitely feel the metatarsal trigger point as this is one of the most important areas in need of alignment and stimulation. It can feel obvious and even foreign at first - but in time you will climatise and love the feeling of it. 

The metatarsal or forefoot arch is almost always neglected. It is crammed into shoes that don't fit properly and disrupts the natural leverage and alignment of muscles crossing this area. Forefoot splay is a must!

The STRYDA SOLES trademark trigger points enhance the foot's natural mechanisms to reduce or prevent pain, improve neural feedback and balance, stimulate optimal muscle function and absorbs excessive impact forces.  

STRYDA's unique trigger point system activates the medial, lateral and metatarsal arches in the feet. Every single foot must supinate, pronate and splay throughout each step cycle. Our insole technology will ensure you perform at your best functional potential. 

We have achieved the perfect balance between enhancing power generation and shock absorption to minimise stress to the body. The design of our advanced insole system is proprietary and engineered for groundbreaking results. 

Think of STRYDA SOLES as your perfect way of staying in perfect contact with the ground as you move. It unflattens otherwise hard man made surfaces we walk on 99% of the time in the modern environment. They are designed to easily flex and promote natural movement. 

STRYDA SOLES are a companion to strengthen your feet, ankles, legs and hips the more you use them. You do not become reliant on them, instead you will become more biomechanically efficient with time. 

Directions of Use:

Choose shoes that comfortably fit your feet allowing enough depth, width and length. If the shoes are good for you, STRYDA SOLES will easily fit them. 

Remove any existing insoles in side your shoes. 

You can trim them to fit by carefully cutting them to size with a sharp pair of scissors. 

Start wearing them for 1 hour on your first day, 2 hours on the second day and 3 hours on the third day. This allows your body to climatise to the changes in your feet and body. 

How will your muscles respond in the first 2 weeks?

Your muscles will become more efficient and strengthen in areas needed. Wearing a naturally shock absorbing material that is designed to engage your muscles will ultimately reduce unneccessary wear and tear in your soft tissues, joints and bones. 

The soft tissues will quickly adapt and some mild discomfort is normal. There should be no pain when getting use to them so if you have any symptons, remove them immediately. Consult your medical professional.

We offer a 30 day returns if you are not completely satisfied!