STRYDA SOLES Barefoot Cork Insoles

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STRYDA SOLES naturally guide, stimulate and cradle your feet to help you move at your best! They simply feel amazing under your feet and connect you with the ground as you move. 

You should start by wearing them for 1 hour the first day, 2 hours the second day and 3 hours on the third day. Everyone is different so adjust this to suit how you feel as it may take you longer to climatise but you almost certainly will in time. You can then proceed towards full time daily use. If you need to break them in more slowly, give yourself breaks and resume wearing them at shorter intervals, we suggest 30 minute intervals. 

STRYDA SOLES are insoles like no other, they are designed to stimulate ideal natural movement from the feet up. You will feel the difference immediately and your feet may feel strange when you first use them. This is normal and a good sign you are responding to them correctly. 


Harsh man made surfaces in the modern world are continously flat and unforgiving to the organic nature of the human body and it's structures. Think about the impact of your entire body weight moving with force as you strike concrete floors 7000-15000 times a day, everyday! Natural cork has all the good stuff to cushion the blow. STRYDA SOLES form to your feet as you wear them maximising contact to help evenly disperse impact forces and improve sensory feedback. 


Unflatten the ground with your own footbeds made from a super material provided by nature.



STRYDA SOLES are made from the bark of the cork tree using 100 % sustainable practices without harming the trees. They are totally biodegradable. STRYDA SOLES and packaging are produced with absolutely no plastics or synthetic compounds. 

Natural properties of cork that make it perfect for your body:

*Shock absorptive & deflective  *Flexible  *Effectively Hygenic   *Hydrophobic  

*Hypoallergenic   *Vegan   *Comfortable on Skin     *Lightweight  *Resilient


Supports the 3 main arches of the foot:

Absorbs and deflects impact pressures.

Helps promote ideal natural movement of the foot.

Enhances neural feedback for improved balance and control.


Balanced heel to toe height, this means you heels are not raised which affects your calves, hamstrings and back muscles. 

Our cork design will form to the shape of your feet and your pattern of pressure as you wear them over time. 

Provides the optimal level of contact, guidance and support between your foot and the ground without overpowering or disrupting your foot's natural mechanics.

STRYDA SOLES can be used with well fitted traditional shoes as well as barefoot or minimalist shoes. If the shoe design has less volume or is shallower in depth, you may need to go up half a size. 

STRYDA SOLES are designed to train you to move at your best from the feet up. The unique trigger point system guides and stimulates your feet.

More than just a pair of insoles - they will help you move at your best. The cork construction will form more to your feet as you wear them over time.

STRYDA SOLES have been designed and made with your body and our planet in mind, they are 100% sustainable and ethically produced.

Once they go inside your shoes, you may never want to walk, move or exercise without them again!

The proprietary design of our 100% cork insoles can enhance your movement to improve efficiency, naturally support and stimulate your biomechanical functions. 

Walk, run and move with nature!

Bring back natural function as though you're going barefoot on natural surfaces. Contact with all the contours of your feet is maximised with the perfect amount of flex to promote freedom of movement.


UNFLATTEN man made surfaces that are harsh and totally repetitious ie. concrete.

STRYDA Soles will not disappoint you - we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.


Please make sure you do not forcefully flex or bend the insoles as they are made of cork which may cause the insole to snap. Expect natural wear and tear such as chipping of the cork, this should not affect the function of your insoles. 

STRYDA SOLES can withstand prolonged daily use (6-12+ months) worn inside a shoe with your weight on them through walking, running and general exercise. They may compress or change shape over time, replace them if you feel they are too worn out or if they cause discomfort immediately. 

100% sustainable cork ensures you are walking with natural guidance, support and control. No tree is harmed in the production of our insoles as only the bark of the tree is used until it grows back in time. 

As good as going barefoot as nature intended.