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STRYDA Bunion Buddy

STRYDA Bunion Buddy

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Bunions can be extremely painful both on the bump (exostosis) and from the big toe (first ray) being so crooked. STRYDA Bunion Buddy is here to help!

STRYDA Bunion buddy will realign your big toes and protect the usual sore spot from rubbing on your shoes.

The silicone bunion shield reduces friction on the bump and can greatly improve your experience whilst wearing shoes. The toe separator realigns the big toes, the most important joint in your body for power and propulsion. 

A simple product designed to be effective for your bunions.

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How To Use

Start by wearing STRYDA ALIGN indoor without shoes.

Remove STRYDA ALIGN when in bed or not active.

STRYDA ALIGN are designed to be worn in flat heel shoes only.

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Key benefits


STRYDA Bunion Buddy is designed to realign the big toe when worn, taking pressure away from your other toes.

When worn, STRYDA Bunion Buddy can help improve balance and gait


Designed with comfortable silicone for antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties, STRYDA Bunion Buddy is most effective when worn during the day while standing and walking.

How to wear

1. STRYDA Bunion Buddy is anatomically shaped for either the left or right foot. Slide gently over your big toe until the toe seperator sits comfortably between your toes. Take care to ensure you do not stretch the bunion sleeve.

2. STRYDA Bunion Buddy can be worn comfortably with both socks and shoes. Avoid wearing during sleep.

Cleaning & care

Keep clean by wiping down with soap and warm water, allowing them to fully air dry before use.

Do not expose to harsh chemicals such as bleach or household disinfectants. 

Do not wash inside a machine.

Do not expose to high temperatures or sunlight.

Keep out of reach of small children and pets.

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