STRYDA SOLES Foot Training Cork Insoles

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STRYDA SOLES will change the way you move - the world's first foot training insole.

An orthotic insole that isn't quite like any other, they are designed to stiumlate your body to move at it's best from the feet up. 

Walk with Nature - Pain free with natural support for your body

Reduce and prevent pain in all areas of the feet, ankles, knees and back

Made from the bark of the cork tree - 100 % sustainable and 

biodegradable without harming the tree

Natural properties of cork that make it perfect for your body:

*Shock absorptive & deflective  *Flexible  *Anti-perspiration

*Anti-fungal     *Anti-bacterial   *Anti-odor  *Hydrophobic  

*Hypoallergenic   *Vegan   *Comfortable on skin

*Lightweight *Resilient

Guides and stimulates feet to do what they do best on 

modern surfaces. Triggers muscles to fire more efficiently 

at the right time and enhances sensory feedback

Supports the 3 main arches of the foot:

*Metatarsal dome - supports your forefoot splay by activating muscles

*Lateral arch pad and cuboid notch - optimise timely supination

*Medial longitudinal arch - optimise timely pronation 

Redistributes and absorbs impact pressures to promote ideal natural movement of the foot throughout the gait cycle

Enhances neural feedback for improved balance and control

Provides the optimal level of contact, guidance and support between your foot and the ground.


Gives you the perfect balance of guidance and support without overpowering or disrupting your foot's natural mechanics


Can be used with well fitted traditional shoes as well as barefoot/minimalist shoes. 



STRYDA SOLES are designed to train you to move at your best from your feet up. The unique trigger point system guides and trains your feet.

Each trigger point stimulates your feet at the ideal time and position to optimise your body's biomechanics. Think of them as little cues for your feet as you move.

More than just a pair of orthotics - they help you find your best form and form to your feet as you wear them over time.

STRYDA SOLES are the perfect solution for your feet, legs, knees and back. These unique orthotic insoles have been designed and made for your health with the planet in mind, they are 100% sustainable and ethically produced. 

Designed by Australian Podiatrists for the modern world with decades of clinical experience.

Once they go inside your shoes, you will never want to walk, move or exercise without them again!

The proprietary design of our 100% cork orthotic insoles will enhance your movement to improve efficiency, resolve pain, naturally support and stimulate your biomechanical functions. 

Walk, run and move at your best!

STRYDA SOLES orthotics support and guide all three main arches of the foot unlike other prefabricated devices. This optimises your movement quality and efficiency to minimise injury and stress.

Trigger point pads are built into both sides of the insole to stimulate all areas of the feet. Medial, lateral, forefoot and flow grooves guide and enhance alignment and timely firing of the correct muscle groups in the feet and legs.

Ultimately, by wearing STRYDA Soles you will achieve improved contact, sensory feedback and muscle function.

STRYDA Soles helps feet find the ideal balance between supination, pronation and controlled forefoot splay. 

The orthotic design is reinforced to provide the perfect amount of support with totally natural materials - making the best of what nature has provided! 

You should notice your foot muscles change within the first few days of wearing them. They may feel a little strange to begin with but in time, your feet will be significantly more engaged and as a result, stronger. If you experience some discomfort, give yourself a break and resume wearing them at shorter intervals, building up to full time use. 

The strategic flexibility of the orthotic design and natural structural absorbance of cork gives STRYDA Soles an incredibly unique, comfortable and stimulating experience.  

Bring back natural function as though you're going barefoot on natural surfaces. Contact with all the contours of your feet is maximised with the perfect amount of flex to promote freedom of movement.


UNFLATTEN man made surfaces that are harsh and totally repetitious ie. concrete.

STRYDA Soles will not disappoint you - we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.


Please make sure you do not forcefully flex or bend the insoles as they are made of cork, 

the natural material might snap. Expect natural wear and tear such as chipping of the cork and will not affect the function of the orthotics. 

It can withstand prolonged use (6-12+ months) worn inside a shoe with your weight on them through walking, running and general exercise. 


Please consult your health professional if you have specific concerns or symptoms. They can be modified as per your individual requirements. 

100% sustainable cork ensures you are walking with optimal guidance, support and control. No tree is harmed in the production of our insoles as only the bark of the tree is used until it grows back in time. 

No plastic is used in our product, we are committed to producing totally sustainable products only. 

Walk pain free with natural support for your body.

As good as going barefoot as nature intended.