• Life Changing Insoles

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Natural Movement Evolved

Improve the Way You Move!

UNFLATTEN harsh man made surfaces with your own piece of nature at the bottom of your feet

MAXIMISE contact between your feet and the impact of the ground to enhance NEURAL FEEDBACK

OPTIMISE biomechanical function to improve efficiency and reduce wear and tear on your body

MOLDS to the shape of your feet as you wear them

Designed and developed by an experienced team of podiatrists and physiotherapists

Engage Your Feet Naturally

Foot Training Insoles - Feel the Difference!


Walk With Nature

Walk Pain Free

STRYDA SOLES are made of 100% Natural Portuguese Cork, the best natural organic solution for the health of the human body AND the planet


*Excellent shock absorption and deflection *Sustainably Eco-Friendly *Antifungal *Antibacterial *Anti-odor *Antiperspirant *Vegan *Hypoallergenic *Structurally Resilient

STRYDA SOLES contain NO Plastic, NO bonding glues and NO Toxic Chemicals

You can even wear them barefoot without socks!


Amazing insoles! I'm on my feet all day at work and these insoles have been such a great relief

Hannah F

I have been struggling with plantar fasciitis for about 3 months now and the reduction in pain since I first put these on is incredible.

David S

Fantastic insole for foot pain. Couldn't recommend it more.

Chris P

Love Them or Return Them Within 30 Days

At STRYDA we are dedicated to ensuring that you can walk your best walk. If things aren't working out as expected we are here to help resolve the problem.

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