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STRYDA Posture Backpack

STRYDA Posture Backpack

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STRYDA's Posture Backpack, the only carry bag you need! This beautiful backpack is designed with style and function to make life easier. 

Introducing the all purpose back pack you can wear all day in all weather conditions with complete confidence. 

This dry bag will keep your most precious items completely dry with a sturdy and sealed construction. 

Rain, hail or shine, you can carry this bag with complete peace of mind knowing your belongings are kept safe. 

Comfort is key with a bag you can wear all day and STRYDA's Posture Backpack has you covered with ample padding that is breathable and padded straps that sit on the body ergonomically.

So whether you need bag to be your daily driver for work, a camping companion you can trust in extreme weather conditions or bag to keep your precious tech gear dry, STRYDA has you covered with the Posture Backpack.

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How To Use

Adjust the shoulder straps so that the backpack sits high on your back. Ensure the shoulder straps are a firm but comfortable fit.

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What's in the bag?


The STRYDA Posture backpack is designed to align your spine and keep the weight of your belongings from placing unnecessary strain on your shoulders, back and hips.


Our unique trigger point system provides the optimal level of contact, guidance and support between your feet and the ground. This ensures your feet's natural mechanics will not be overpowered or disrupted.

STRYDA Soles helps your feet find the ideal balance between supination, pronation and controlled forefoot splay.

1. The Metatarsal Dome: these bumps in the center of the insole will reduce your forefoot pain and engage the muscles in your feet. They may feel weird at first, but you will quickly get used to them. You may even love the feeling straight away. You'll forget they are even there.

2. Lateral Arch Trigger Point: aids with shock absorption and timely pronation of your feet

3. Medial Arch: redistributes the pressure on your arch and aids with timely supination.

Each trigger point will stimulate different muscles in your feet at the ideal time and position of your gait cycle to optimize your body's biomechanics.

Think of the trigger point system as cues for your feet as you move.

How to wear

• Adjust the shoulder straps so that the backpack sits high on your back. Ensure the shoulder straps are a firm but comfortable fit.

• Always wear both shoulder straps rather than one strap to avoid uneven strain on your upper body.

• Avoid wearing your backpack low on your back as this will increase pressure on your shoulders and cause shoulder and lower back strain.

• When running or walking, your backpack should not sway, adjust your shoulder straps so that the backpack is firmly in place against your back.

Cleaning & care


Before cleaning ensure backpack is emptied and any visible dirt is brushed off.

Hand wash in warm, soapy water. Scrub the inside and outside of the backpack with a sponge or cloth. Rinse and airdry.

Alternatively, turn backpack inside out to protect straps and zippers from tangling and machine wash on a gentle cycle. Airdry.


Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun as this may cause colours to fade.

Avoid contact with bleach or other household cleaners.





27cm W x 60cm H x





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