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STRYDA Soft Toe Spacers

STRYDA Soft Toe Spacers

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Our STRYDA Soft Toe Spacers are made of an even softer silicone to realign your toes and strengthen your feet with superior comfort. 

STRYDA toe spacers are designed with premium materials to ensure your skin is not irritated and are hypoallergenic. Unlike other cheaper products, STRYDA toe spacers are made from a material that is balanced in firmness and density to allow for comfort and adequate function of spreading your toes. 

Our toe spacers are specifically designed to allow the big toe (1st ray) and pinky toe (5th ray) to be unrestricted. Other toe spacers often wrap around these and this defeats the purpose of toe spacers!


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How To Use

Use two hands to slide on and remove STRYDA Soft Toe Spacers from your toes. Do not pull or use excessive force that could stretch or damage the silicone.

Once applied, STRYDA Soft Toe Spacers may slide all the way to base of your toes. They can be adjusted at any position along the toes for maximum comfort. They should naturally settle into position as you wear them.

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Key benefits


Gently aligns your toes towards their natural state, supporting straighter and more splayed toes.

Strengthens your intrinsic and extrinsic muscles for improved stability and control of your foot.

Improves your balance and strengthens the arches of your feet. Assists ankle and knee stability

Relieves common foot issues such as:

• Corns

• Ingrown toenails

• Osteoarthritis in the foot joints

• Plantar plate rupture

• Bunions

• Morton’s neuroma


Designed with comfortable silicone for antimicrobial and hypoallergenic properties, STRYDA Soft Toe Spacers are modifiable for a more custom fit. They are most effective when worn during physical activity.

How to wear

Start by wearing indoors without shoes .

Remove when in bed or not active.

STRYDA Soft Toe Spacers are designed to be worn in flat heel shoes only.

Cleaning & care

Keep your STRYDA Soft Toe Spacers clean by wiping them down with soap and warm water, allowing them to fully air dry before use.

Do not expose to harsh chemicals such as bleach or household disinfectants. 

Do not wash inside a machine.

Do not expose to high temperatures or sunlight.

Keep out of reach of small children and pets.

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